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Course Overview

Unlock the secrets of successful product development with our Product Discovery Mastery course. Learn to identify and validate customer needs, ensuring your product always hits the mark. Gain hands-on experience with proven techniques that drive innovation and market success. Join the elite 21% of companies that excel in product discovery and avoid the pitfalls that 79% face due to inadequate discovery processes.

Why tryBusinessAgility

Since 2018, we have been helping companies prepare for the future. Our world-class curriculum is affordable and accessible to every individual. Our mission is to discover, preserve, and distribute knowledge and capabilities to enable the next generation of organizations to be capable and resilient.

At A Glance

3 Case Studies

Live sessions

2 Assignments

Certificate of Completion

3 Case Studies

Live sessions

2 Assignments

Certificate of Completion

Course Learning Objectives

  • What is Product Discovery
  • Understanding Users
  • Framing a Problem Statement

  • Prioritize assumptions with the highest degree of uncertainty or those you have the most minor information about
  • Use the correct data to test the hypothesis
  • Mistakes to avoid in Product Discovery
  • Validation and Learning Canvas

  • Data doesn’t judge
  • Techniques to move toward evidence
  • Experimentation Techniques

  • Fitting into Sprints
  • Impact Mapping
  • Discovery as a continuous process

Course Learning Outcomes

Enhanced Problem-Solving Mindset: Develop a mindset prioritizing precise problem framing to drive focused and effective product discovery.
Deep Understanding of Validation: Gain a thorough understanding of the Truth Curve to validate ideas and assumptions, systematically reducing risks.
Proficiency in Experimentation: Acquire skills in designing and conducting experiments to test hypotheses and make data-driven decisions.
Iterative Development Approach: Learn to adopt an iterative approach to product development, ensuring continuous improvement and alignment with user needs.
Agile Integration Mastery: Master the integration of discovery activities within sprints, promoting adaptability and responsiveness in product discovery.

Instructors Profile

Venkatesh Rajamani

Venkatesh Rajamani, a PhD scholar at Girne American University, has several years of experience delivering working software in short, feedback-driven cycles. He has helped organizations adopt agile software delivery practices, including large banking, payments, telecom, and product organizations.

Arunvignesh Ramakrishnan

Arunvignesh Ramakrishnan is a passionate Trainer and Coach helping teams and organisations become capable and resilient.

tryBusinessAgility, a flagship of tryScrum. Our mission is to discover, preserve and distribute knowledge and capabilities to enable the next generation of organisations to be capable and resilient.


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